il Mostro

il Mostro

150,00 kr
150,00 kr
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2021 Pet’Nat “il Mostro”, IGT Terre di Chieti, Poggio Anima

Drue(r): Pecorino

Type: Mousserende vin

Flaske: 75cl


From: Abruzzo, Italy

Varietal: Pecorino, Riesling

Tasting Notes: A deliciously tasty combination of ripe pear, subtle pineapple juice, and a hint of white peach. The bubbles provide a delightful tickle.

Pairing: Enjoy well chilled and on its own, with chips and guacamole, street tacos, or grilled shrimp.

Bright lime zest, refreshing minerality, and cloudy texture reminiscent of Col Fondo Prosecco. Il Mostro (“The Monster”) is a new line of wines from Poggio Anima named after children’s bedtime warnings throughout Europe, Ragana. Ragana is a mythical being in Latvian mythology and Lithuanian mythology, a witch. Ragana is an ancient, pre-Indo-European spirit, a powerful prophetess who reveals the future. According to Lithuanian folklore, witches fly off to hilltops to rendezvous with Ragana on her holy night, the Winter Solstice.

Conceived from child bedtime warnings in the Old World, Il Mostro draws on the inspiration of single vineyard, responsibly farmed grapes and a deft touch in the cellar of Poggio Anima and takes it a step further. The inaugural releases hail from certified organically farmed fruit from fruit hillside plantings in Abruzzo. The wines are ancestral method sparkling wines with fermentation finishing in a bottle and the offerings highlighting the bright fruit flavors and salinity this estate in Chieti

Poggio Anima translates to ‘Hill of Soul.’ Going back to the concept of Poggio Anima we wanted to capture the ‘soul’ of each vineyard and grape. No manipulation, no water, sugar, etc. Just the pure expression of the fruit and site.